Why Naked?

na⋅ked  /ˈneɪkɪd/ –adjective 1. being without clothing or covering; nude 2. without adequate clothing 3. bare of any covering, overlying matter, vegetation, foliage, or the like: naked fields. 4. bare, stripped, or destitute (usually fol. by of) 5. without the customary covering, container, or protection: a naked sword; a naked flame. 6. without carpets, hangings, or furnishings, as rooms or walls. 7. (of the eye, sight, etc.) unassisted by a microscope, telescope, or other instrument: visible to the naked eye. 8. defenseless; unprotected; exposed: naked to invaders. 9. plain; simple; unadorned: the naked realities of the matter. 10. not accompanied or supplemented by anything else: a naked outline of the facts. 11. exposed to view or plainly revealed: the naked threat in the letter; a naked vein of coal. 12. plain-spoken; blunt: the naked truth. 13. Law. unsupported, as by authority or consideration: a naked promise. 14. Botany. a. (of seeds) not enclosed in an ovary. b. (of flowers) without a calyx or perianth. c. (of stalks, branches, etc.) without leaves. d. (of stalks, leaves, etc.) without hairs or pubescence. 15. Zoology. having no covering of hair, feathers, shell, etc. Origin:

What Naked Web Development is About

A website is a tool for getting your message out to a wider community of interest. For a business, that is to attract new customers. For a charity, new donors. For a club, new members. A website must convey the message of the organisation that commissions it, not the prowess of the designer.

For too long web development has been shrouded in mystery. The cognoscenti have kept the "great unwashed" from knowing the simplicity of website development.

Website owners want to be able to develop and maintain their own websites without hassle. Being constrained by having to learn some new software (some developers make it seem like you have to be inducted into some secret society) or always have a web developer involved for simple changes is not good.

The Naked Web Developer is about breaking down the mystique and enabling the client to update their own website simply.

After all, the objective is to get your message across, not to showcase some impressive, but ultimately useless, technology.