The Naked Web Developer will assist with Website Development, Website Optimisation and Registration With Search Engines. I can also provide advice and assist with Domain Name Registration and DNS Management.

I want you to have a readily accessible and maintainable website that attracts the right traffic and provides visitors with answers to their questions. If you prefer, I can provide a full-service option and manage your on-line presence for a fixed monthly fee.

Website Development

Simple Nuts and Bolts Page Development

The Naked Web Developer seeks to provide a simple structure for websites so that the website owner can maintain their site. Complexity ensures repeat business. My philosophy is that a website is owned by the client who commissions it and it is theirs to do with as they want. If I feel that the client wants an overly complex website then I will not take the commission.

The Naked Web Developer will provide you with a simple, nuts and bolts, website that:

  • is readily found on the Internet
  • is easy to navigate
  • is easy to maintain with opensource tools, and
  • gets your message to your target audience.

Your website can be simple but it can also be dynamic.

Website Hosting

The Naked Web Developer offers full service packages for website development, domain name registration, and website hosting. Under the Naked Web Developer's hosting plans you have the option for full service or to undertake your own updates. We will happily set up your site and “hand you the keys” so you can take over and manage your site however you choose.

The Naked Web Developer's hosting plans are competitively priced.

Website Optimisation

Simple, Fast and Indexed

Website optimisation is in two parts:

  1. Ensuring your website is streamlined so that it loads quickly in the visitor's browser, and
  2. Designing your website so that it is "search engine friendly" and draws in the right web traffic.

Website optimisation ensures that your site opens quickly, even over a slow connection, is easy to navigate and is readily indexed by search engines.

I will provide you with a means to optimise photographs and graphics using opensource tools so they load quickly. I will ensure that the design of your website makes it easy for spiders and crawlers to index your website so that it is able to be discovered by search engines.

Registration with Search Engines

Low cost ways to attract visitors

You can put a website up on the Internet and hope that someone will find it, or you can proactively promote your website to reach your target audience. Experience has shown that there are means of quickly getting traffic to a new website. I can show you some of these means.

Domain Names and DNS Management

Demystifying the architecture of the Internet

I remember my first forays into the Internet and the mysterious acronyms. I have found my way through and I will share that knowledge with others.

Full Service Website Management

From the soup to the nuts...

While it is personally satisfying to develop a project to the point it can be handed over to the client, I realise that there are those who do not want to take on the maintenance of their own website. The Naked Web Developer offers a full-service option. For a fixed monthly fee the Naked Web Developer will:

  • pay monthly fees for your domain name
  • pay your hosting fees and liaise with the hosting provider
  • monitor, report and analyse website traffic and make recommendations for attracting more visitors to your website
  • register your website with search engines and keep it optimised
  • maintain an Adwords™ campaign to drive more traffic to your website (charges for Adwords™ clicks are additional), and
  • make regular changes to website content.

Major website development will be out of scope and treated as one-off projects.