The Naked Web Developer advocates the use of OpenSource software. Some people will spend thousands of hard-earned dollars on software and then use only 10% of its capabilities. That makes no sense when there are fantastic programs that can be downloaded for free.

the Naked Web Developer can freely pass on these tools to the website owner.


Website Scripting on Linux

Bluefish LogoMy preferred operating system is Linux. For website development I use a magical little application called Bluefish. Bluefish is ideal since it does syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP.


Website Scripting on Windows

Notepad++ LogoOn occasion I need to use a Windows® operating system. When I need to maintain a website from within a Windows® environment, I choose to use Notepad++.


Universal Scripting Language

PHP LogoPHP is an extremely powerful scripting language for preparing websites. PHP runs on the web server, as opposed to something like Javascript or Macromedia Flash®, that run in the client browser. The advantage of server-side scripting is that the website is accessible to a visitor regardless of the configuration of the system they are using.

PHP enables developers to create a website that is dynamic. PHP is cross-platform compatible (it runs on Windows® or Linux/Unix) and is available from most hosting services.


Scripting Language

Python LogoI have been aware of Python for some time, and have implemented some third party website components that use Python. Recently, through my day job, I have needed to develop some skills in Python, and have built some utilities using it. I see opportunities for using this very efficient scripting language in some circumstances in website development, to augment use of PHP.


OpenSource Webserver

Apache LogoAny web development project needs to be tested as it progresses. This means that you need to have a web server on hand for testing. Apache is an OpenSource web server that is available for Linux and Windows®


Graphical Image Manipulation

The GIMP LogoGraphics are an important part of a website. However, they can be misused and, in particular, if they are not properly cropped and resized they can drive people away from your site. The GIMP is a powerful opensource graphical interface for image manipulation.

There are versions of The GIMP for both Linux and Windows®.


Command-line Image Manipulation

ImageMagick LogoWhen handling a lot of graphics or if you want to be precise in manipulating an image ImageMagick® is an indispensable tool. Many tasks for manipulating images can be handled at the command-line. ImageMagick is a great tool for doing repetitive tasks.

There are versions of ImageMagick® for both Linux and Windows®.


FTP Client

FileZilla LogoOnce you have created your website masterpiece, you need to upload it to your webhost. To do so you need an FTP client. One that I have found very useful is FileZilla.